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Who we are

Advanced Construction Services Contracting (ACSC) is a buildings construction contractor established in Abu Dhabi since 2013 to serve the society across the United Arab Emirates.


ACSC undertakes the new construction works as well as the additions, alterations, renovations, and comprehensive maintenance of all kinds of buildings, especially those of the following types:

  • Residential buildings.
  • Commercial and institutional buildings including educational, healthcare, office, hotel, retail, public buildings, sports facilities, warehouses, and farm buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Power and communication related buildings/structures.
  • Water and sewer line related buildings/structures.
  • Oil and gas related buildings/structures.


Our Services range from delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions to undertaking particular construction activities.


Our mission

We are a building contracting company that uses modern techniques and accumulated knowledge to provide building construction solutions that help meeting the needs of the society in The United Arab Emirates and the requirements of its growth and prosperity. We aim to constantly remain one of the favorite companies in our category and continue to be elevated to higher categories by retaining and developing a distinct team of professional employees and suppliers, and working at the highest standards of professional values and ethics to ensure the happiness of our clients.


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