Delivering the quality of construction which we promise while ensuring the health and safety of our customers and communities, employees and subcontractors, and protecting the environment in which we operate reflects a fundamental value of the ACSC values.



Occupational Health and Safety



Managing quality so that construction is done on site accurately from the first time is a key element of the successful delivery of projects and thus ensuring real satisfaction of our clients.


At ACSC, we deeply understand the needs and expectations of our client in order to identify the suitable quality solutions and determine the project quality objectives. Then we work on achieving these objectives in a cost effective manner in conformity with all regulatory and contractual obligations using our Quality Management System.



ACSC considers the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, clients, and the communities where it operates as a first priority.


We promote the principle of “Safety First” as a work attitude and systematically adhere to health and safety standards.


Occupational health and safety risks are assessed and managed across the phases of each project by using our OH&S Management System that meets the requirements of the local regulations and complies with the international standards.



Through the application of its Environmental Management System across all projects, and among the measures of protecting the environment where it operates, ACSC seeks to reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiencies as well as reducing water consumption and the waste generated by construction activities.


Similarly, ACSC manages common issues, which may arise during construction such as dust, noise, vibration, water spills, light pollution, hydrocarbon contamination, and increased traffic through the application of tight controls in order to prevent unnecessary nuisance to surrounding communities.


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